Attract the attention you desire most

Your communications must be as powerful as a single red rose offered to your prospective customer. I’ve realised that there’s actually a scientific reason, why a rose might be associated with attracting the attention of a prospective mate. Roses have evolved to produce terpenes, a type of organic compound which produces scent. Natural selection originally put pressure on roses to evolve a sweet scent that would attract pollinators, to guarantee its reproduction. Your business’ prospects depend upon you giving the right signals to attract the right customers.

It is helpful to develop an email list of those who are interested in your product or service. To do this, you might consider creating a “lead magnet”. A lead magnet is a compelling piece of content which is given to the visitor to your website, in return for their email address. I have created one this week. It is called: How to smash the barrier that’s stopping you from producing regular blogposts or newsletters, a topic which has been raised in consultations and for which I have valuable experience It will be available for download soon and will be sent to my previous clinic customers for whom I believe it might be relevant. Please email me, if it’s of interest to you! I already have your contact details, of course.

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