Do you allow convention to hold you back?

Latest Marketing Mantra Be unique when it will satisfy a customer Many of my clients are newcomers to the business world When you are developing a... More->>

Attract the attention you desire most

Your communications must be as powerful as a single red rose offered to your prospective customer I’ve realised that there’s actually a... More->>

Effective Marketing is all about control

What makes a hummingbird so special I chose this arresting image of a humming bird to illustrate this mantra about control because the hummingbird... More->>

Make Strong Connections

When you meet a new contact with whom your brand values, or purpose chime, it is a good idea to take some time to strengthen the new connection, not... More->>

Master the narrative for your business with PR

PR is a fundamental element in Marketing Communications planning It’s all about reputation management and is a chance to spread your message in... More->>

Keep it Quiet

How to improve your marketing when your small business is cash-strapped and time poor If you’re short of time and money, don’t give up on... More->>

How to take time out without your business suffering

The Christmas break will have been hectic yet restful for most of my readers, but as the New Year begins, how can you extract full value from the... More->>

How flexible should I be? A guide for independent service providers

This week I have been preparing ongoing contracts for several of my clients  I have been eager to tailor my offering to each one’s individual... More->>

How to defend your territory

At the start of this week, I heard that a competitor had approached a client which I am currently developing for my own business  I heard about... More->>

Is Black Friday an opportunity or a threat?

If you’re like me, you may have been overwhelmed by the amount of email traffic which is generated during November in response to the sales... More->>

A guide to planting bulbs to develop your business when you’re busy

Informed gardeners know that if you want to fill your garden with colour next spring, you should plant bulbs from October to December, before the... More->>

Finding Customers: 3 Lessons from Penguins

Small businesses can learn from the rituals of penguins: Courtship varies among penguin species, and it generally begins with males who initiate the... More->>

Discover the hidden value of networking

Fungus can teach us the hidden value of networking, which can help your business to grow  Did you know that fungi have been called ”the earth’s... More->>

How to supercharge your growth from the start

The theme of this week’s blogpost is collaboration and how you might view your “competitors”  The mindset with which you approach your... More->>

Why it’s invaluable to have an agreed marketing strategy document in a changing world

The clocks went back this weekend  Will the shorter hours of daylight affect your business  This change will mainly affect only those who work... More->>

Is good customer service as easy as it sounds?

This week has been a typical, busy week  I have been delivering a project to a client and welcoming new clients, too, while catching up on some... More->>

How to make a little go a long way; 6 tips for making your business more efficient

Bees have a limited supply of wax, so they must make the wax which they have stretch as far as possible  This is why they choose to create their... More->>

From seed to strong plant; Understanding your product’s lifecycle

After I wrote last week’s blogpost about product range management, I considered my findings for my own business I realised that one service which... More->>

The key to grow your business and enjoy it too; how to manage your product range

This week has been very busy and productive and has reminded me that no small business owner should lose sight of enjoying the venture which you... More->>

New ways to consider Packaging

There’s lots more to think about with packaging than plastic wrapping and brand name  Think about it as the means to deliver your product/service... More->>

How to sell: A guide for those who feel uncomfortable about it.

All businesses need to sell their products or services to remain commercial I’ve noticed several of my clients express unease about selling, so I... More->>

Keeping things in order; The importance of a marketing information system

This week has been all about keeping my material organised for the gradual development of my website The activity reminded me of the importance of... More->>

An introduction to marketing for small businesses

This week has been all about delivering my services to my clients  Sunflowers are also known as the “happy” flower because of their close... More->>

The small business’ introduction to pricing and discounting

This week I’ve noticed quite a few posts which have promoted discounts for products or services So, with an ‘end of summer vibe’, it’s a... More->>

Listen to these top tips on how Twitter can help you generate sales for your business to grow

This week I have reaped rewards from listening and would like to share with you my reasons for valuing social listening so highly I think that a... More->>

The seed contains the plant: four lessons for start-ups which want to grow

Last week’s blogpost addressed the topic of growth and development It concluded with a flower in bud, waiting to bloom This week I have been... More->>

Developing the business for growth

Last week I reiterated that I have applied the Ansoff matrix to identify how I plan to fill my performance gap by concentrating on two types of... More->>

Making Gap analysis work in strategic marketing planning for small businesses

Gap analysis at its simplest "is about identifying gaps and seeing how these might be filled to the profitable, long-term benefit of the... More->>

A guide for small businesses to maximise the impact of your marketing communications

Having written about Promotions last week, and thinking about what we can all learn from peacocks, I’ve spent this week developing my... More->>

Discover your inner peacock. Make promotions powerful with a strategic marketing plan

Promotions This is the final P which I introduced at the end of the previous blogpost about the P’s of the marketing mix Today I will provide you... More->>

What are the P’s of the marketing mix? Key points for small businesses to consider when implementing a strategic marketing plan.

This week, I realise that I’ve been busy with client facing work, and have therefore been considering my product, so this week’s topic is the... More->>

How to develop a healthy business skeleton with planning and control

This week, I’ve spent much of my time on physiotherapy which will strengthen my muscles and my skeleton For my business, I’ve been concentrating... More->>

An introduction to the value of making time for blue sky thinking

The series of blogposts which I write genuinely reflects the activities I’ve been doing to build my own business  I hope that if I can build a... More->>

How to get your planning for a strategic marketing plan right from the start

This should not be as difficult as it might sound for newcomers to the marketing process to get to grips with  I’ve chosen to illustrate this... More->>

Look inside – what would you create with what you find?: Writing courses by Charlie Bell

A list of courses and workshops I am teaching this summer and autumn HURRY! Time is running out to book Annual Weekend Writing Retreat at... More->>

Understanding your audience: An Introduction to Market Segmentation

In my last blogpost about competitor analysis I introduced the idea of segmenting the market should you choose to pursue a focus strategy whereby... More->>

Helping your small businesses to win and grow, an introduction to competitor analysis

If you are following my approach with the intention of writing your own strategic marketing plan, once you’ve established your objectives and you... More->>

Technology: friend or foe?

My last blogpost ended with the introduction of Technological, as the T in a PEST analysis, which requires more than a couple of sentences to... More->>

An introduction to the marketing tool PEST analysis for small businesses

In this blogpost l will discuss the marketing tool PEST analysis, which is used when you develop a strategic marketing plan After you have closely... More->>

6 reasons why it is relevant to include public speaking in the media /marketing planning process for a small business

Flamingoes can walk, fly and swim They choose the method which best suits their current requirement; they adapt to their need at the time A small... More->>

How to anticipate in a fast-changing world

Spring and Easter are both about new beginnings and looking ahead, so it’s a perfect time to consider one of the trickier activities in the... More->>

The small businesses guide to media planning: Reasons why you should make time for it or seek advice

It is likely that you don’t currently consider media planning to be a priority while you’re busy building your business, but I will explain why... More->>

How to identify and reach a niche target group

It can often be the case that a small business or sole trader knows exactly who they’d like to reach with their message, but doesn’t know how to... More->>

How a small business can begin to develop a brand for their marketing activity

The best place to begin is to consider what branding is all about and to clear up a few potential misunderstandings First, is branding what’s... More->>

Reasons for small businesses to be cheerful; Lessons in marketing from high street woes

The demise of retailers Maplins and Toys ‘R Us has been attributed, in part, to the growth in online shopping Online giants such as Amazon have... More->>

If you run your own business and feel short of time, it’s time to think more like bamboo. Here’s why.

How does bamboo decide where to direct its limited energy Plants use their cells called meristems to identify whether it’s time to focus on... More->>

Four lessons I’ve learned from product–testing

Giraffes developed long necks to reach the leaves which grow high up on tall trees; the long neck gives giraffes an advantage over other animals... More->>

Is it ever a good idea to give away your product or service for free?

It’s likely that most people would be reluctant to give away their product or service for free, since there will have been costs involved in... More->>

The Small Business’s Guide to Buying Advertising

Flowers are nature’s way of advertising They fulfil the key functions of good advertising by: • Attracting attention • Guiding the... More->>

Finding Influencers

“How do I reach influencers in my field”, asked one of my followers Here are my top tips for finding influencers in your chosen field My first... More->>