Effective Marketing is all about control

What makes a hummingbird so special? I chose this arresting image of a humming bird to illustrate this mantra about control because the hummingbird is the only avian species which can hover, fly forwards, and fly backwards. They have this unusual capability, thanks to its diminutive size in combination with its ability to beat its wings very fast (80 beats/second). Thorough experiments at the University of Columbia, Canada, have been undertaken which have revealed the complex mathematical relationship between weight, wingspan, and wing stroke, which have evolved to permit the bird to move with the variability of a helicopter. The birds’ aerodynamic superiority requires very careful control between its input and output. The hovering technique uses an enormous amount of energy, which is replenished by the bird as it hovers to drink nectar directly from the flowers which it helps to pollinate. This type of focus on the precise balance between inputs and outputs is needed for a truly effective marketing strategy.

What should you control to supercharge your marketing effort? The most important aspect of your marketing strategy is, of course, the objective which you seek to achieve. It is critical that you monitor all the KPIs (Key Performance Indicators) which are relevant to your goal. I will use my own business to provide an illustration of how this works in reality. My target is to regularly fill my “treat-pot” with £x per month generated from my business activity. To do this, it is important for me to monitor monthly revenue, monthly attendance of my Clinic events. I use this newsletter as a key method of communication, therefore it is useful for me to review the number of subscribers I have to this. I choose not to track any other social media metrics. They do not directly impact upon my likely achievement of my monthly goal and can be sullied by the presence of bots online. In order to operate as efficiently and uniquely as a hummingbird, you must keep a tight control on the key measures for your business. This need for a careful balance can be expressed in a quadrant model, for ease of recall:

Explanation of Lisa’s input/output model:

High input with high output. A business with an effective marketing strategy will maintain its control over its inputs and outputs to achieve the perfect balance and manoeuvrability of a hummingbird.
If your business is surviving with low levels of input and modest output, the model suggests that it might be described as being in a fledgling stage, capable of producing much more. If it received greater input, it has the potential to develop into a fully-balanced hummingbird.
A business which has low input and low output is described as a sloth because it needs to reconsider its lack of effort. When there’s low effort delivering high output, you can consider your business to be like a jellyfish, a highly efficient animal species.
I would love to hear from you, which animal best describes your marketing at present? Email me, below, to tell me, thanks.